Stockton is a strong and proud community that is moving forward despite current economic and budget challenges. We have much to be proud of and we’re optimistic about our city’s future. Business and community leaders -- resourceful and capable people -- are using their know-how and passion for Stockton to invest in a city they’re proud to call home.

"We believe in this city, we believe in our community and we believe in our people. More than that, we believe in our future – and we’re here to stay."

- Dea Spanos Berberian, Executive Vice President at A. G. Spanos Companies


Stockton Forward Brings Community Together to Repair and Beautify City Hall

Stockton Forward is bringing the community together to repair and beautify City Hall. Work began last week by city workers to repair two walls with historical lamp posts bordering the stairs leading to the main entrance under coordination from Stockton Forward coalition member The Grupe Co., and continued with student volunteers from YouthBuild San Joaquin cleaning portions of the pillars on the north steps of City Hall.